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Name : Lali 

Age : 13

Country : germany

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Justagermanbel

my story :

I came to a new school at class 6. At the beginning the’re all nice to me. Then we came to class 7 and every body knows me in my class. They began to bully me . At the beginning It was About :
My Hair , My Size , My Glasses , My style , My Ears ….
But then they realize that I’m a Belieber. .and the bullying got worse. They Call me “Slut” , They started to laugh when I came to school . When I started to Cry they started to laugh about me. It hurts my Feelings. They call Justin “Gay” ; “Pussy” and stuff. That hurts me to. And nebody helpd me.
I was alone. I got depressed. But then I saw a Video on YouTube . Justin suprised a Fan and she started to freak out. 
I smiled every time I watch this because I saw how he cared for his fans. Then I look at the Poster on my door. It was the “Never Say Never” - cover. It says me ” Hey , dont cry. Your beautyful the way You are , just believe in your dreams” - Justin gaves me So much Hope ♥

And I know i will never meet him because the Concert - Ticket is to expensive and I lived in Germany. But I always be a Belieber. <3 (sorry for my bad englisch)

here again the story in detail : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUxypkmMhFc&feature=plcp

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Name: Noémie
Age: 16
Country: France
Twitter: @Bananarauhl 
My story:
I had a nice childhood. Apart from family problems (I haven’t seen my grand parents and cousins for years because my father became angry with his family. To be honest, it’s better like this. There was no love in the family gatherings.), my life has been pretty normal. I lived in an apartment, before my parents put me in a private school to give me the possibility of learning more different languages, especially English, and decided to move into a house in front of that school. So I grew up in a pretty house, near a school I loved and my life was calm. Of course not everything was rainbows and butterflies, but I guess that’s the same for everyone. 
Everything started to change in the summer of 2009. I went to a summer camp in the north. It wasn’t my first summer camp, so I wasn’t really exited about it. I became even less exited about it when I realised that the two girls who were sharing a room with me had decided to make me feel miserable. But someone was going to change my mind. I met a boy named Mathieu. He seemed perfect: intelligent, mature, funny and very caring. Every time our eyes met, every time we were together, I felt special, loved. I felt so right. 
But it was a summer camp, I was only 13 and what I felt was something so foreign that I didn’t know what to do. I only realised I was in love with him after, when I was back home and it was too late. Now, you may think that I got carried away with my imagination, that at 13 years old, you’re too young to fall in love. I don’t think so, he was my first love. 
Anyway, it was too late. I began a new year in my school, trying to keep on with my life. I always had good grades, a couple of friends and good relations with my parents and brother, but one thing was distracting me. I thought of Mathieu everyday. Months passed and I couldn’t get him out of my mind, I was becoming weaker and weaker without even realising it. 
One November evening, I was just listening to the radio, when I heard One Time. Something in Justin’s voice was calling out for me. So I went on youtube to search this song. I saw his video, found him cute but nothing more. In February 2010, I kept looking at his videos from time to time and saw Baby. What I call my “obsession phase” began. I did a lot of researches, and quickly became addicted to him. My friends didn’t like it but I didn’t care. I had found a way to stop thinking about Mathieu, to take away the pain. 
But it wasn’t enough. I was very weak, physically and mentally. I was getting thinner and paler, and I don’t know why but I felt empty. I never cut or harmed myself but I acted more and more oddly. I went to school later than before, I became tired all the time and even worse, I began crying frequently. I hated myself so much.
My parents saw me crying a couple times but I blamed it on the cloudy weather and they didn’t think much of it. Then, in April, on a sunday, my family went for a walk and left me alone. Once again, I cried. I went into the kitchen and I opened the drawer of the cutlery. I remember staring at the big knives with my blurry vision, asking myself to just take one and end everything. But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. So I went to the garden, under the rain that was now falling and I started pacing back and forth, repeating the word “dying” while trying to calm down. I was a mess, but I knew that things could get better.
After this, I asked to see my doctor. She gave me pills to help me. To be honest, I still don’t know if it was because of Mathieu, because of the exams at the end of the year or if it was actually because of the weather that I got depressed like this. Anyway, I knew it had gone too far. I decided to never let myself down to this state again. I wanted to get better, which I did, and Justin helped me with that.
I passed the exams, went to another school camp, and more importantly, I took time to figure out what I wanted and who I wanted to be. I had created my youtube account and beliebers from all around the world, girls that felt just liken me started to talk to me. For once, I felt like I was doing something useful again. Supporting Justin was the best thing I could do to try and make a change in the world. I loved him, he loved his fans, and it was beautiful to me. (It still is.) I started another year, more happy, confident and loving than I had ever been before. Justin gave me a reason to smile everyday. It was great. I had amazing results in class, very good friends, an incredible idol and I felt like it couldn’t get better.
I even had a crush on a guy named Alexander. He was new in school and I found him really attractive. But with my experience with Mathieu, I was very careful. Sure, I fantasized on his body, but I never tried to know him better because I was too scared that this attraction could turn into something that could have hurt me. Beside, I didn’t need drama anymore, and I focused on staying a dedicated belieber. 
But you know how every time you feel good, something has to knock you down again? In March 2011, rumours started spreading in the school: some people said that it was going to close. At first I didn’t believe it, but then the teachers told us that it was true. My life turned into a nightmare again. 
We learned that in January, there had been taxes inspections, and that some hadn’t been paid. The affair went into the court and there was a trial. During several months, we didn’t know if the school was going to close or not, it was very hard. I had been to this school for nine years, and it was a little school so people knew each other pretty well. I considered my teachers and schoolmates like a second family. Often, I went to school when I didn’t have class, and one time a guy asked me why I choose to come to it when I could have stayed at home. I remember thinking “because this is my home”.
Each day, I prayed for a miracle, but it never came. The only time when I felt completely happy in those months was when I went on internet and saw the bond between Justin and the beliebers getting stronger. That’s when I realised that they could be the second family I needed. Every time I thought I couldn’t love Justin any more than I already did, he had to prove me wrong. I saw him performing live and for an evening, nothing else mattered. It felt really really good. 
In May, we learned that the school was definitely closing. My friends and I tried to enjoy the time we had left together, and when the school closed, it was summer already. By that time, I had gotten twitter and tumblr and it helped me fill my mind with happy thoughts. 
I got into a public high school, counting everyday that passed by, but still trying my best. I didn’t tell anyone that I was a belieber because I really didn’t want to hear all their comments and mean jokes. I kept it a secret from everybody in that school, even from the girl who is now my best friend. I went to school and worked there, and then I would come home and go on the internet for hours. 
Then, in late April 2012, one of my friends from my old school told me that she had places for a tv show to see Justin. The next friday, on June 1st, we went there. This day was really shitty but it changed when we got there. Being able to see him from up close was incredible. I never thought that it could be possible. I already saw him live, but it was different then, he was so much closer. The thing is that my friend and me got there a little late because of the traffic and we got no places on the seats, so we sat on the edge of the stage. We were only two so they let us do it. Justin performed Boyfriend, and at a point, he went on the stage. I thought he would just go down the stairs, so I didn’t try to touch him from fear that he might go away. He was so close and it was so amazing for me already. But I stared into his eyes, and instead of getting down the stairs, he side hugged me. It lasted only a second but I swear that in that moment, I felt like I had touch infinity. He really loves his fans, and he always shows it. I love him so much.
I got out of there crying of joy and smiling at everybody like a fool. I got to get a glimpse at Scooter, Moshe, Dj Tay James, Dan Kanter, Ryan Good and Alfredo. People I thought I would only get to see on tv when I watched NSN. And my idol had touched me. I used to think that being a belieber, even without him knowing that I exist, was the best thing on earth. I didn’t ask for anything more, and there he was, giving it to me. Even if years from now, fate stops me from being a belieber, I know I will be forever grateful to him.
The weekend went by in a blur and I was back to my life again. Grey sky, school and people who didn’t know that I was a belieber. Or so I thought. Some of my schoolmates saw me getting hugged by Justin on tv. And they started making all the comments and stupid jokes that I hate. Except for my best friend. I told her everything and she reacted better than I hoped she would. I’m really glad I met her. It’s really sad how some people can’t accept you for who you are. 
In a few days, I’m starting a new school year. I am a little bit scared of being bullied for being a belieber, but I promise that I will stay one no matter what. Justin genuinely loves his fans, and beliebers are the best sisters and brothers I could ask for. Being one of them helped me be stronger, more confident and happier.

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Name: Natalie

Age: 17

Country: Poland (Europe)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/justnatalieee

my story:
On June 2009 I saw the music video to “one time”. I really liked this young boy and his song so I started to search all informations about him. I created twitter and stuff just to communicate to him. I was listening to his music all the time. I showed him to my friends. They didn’t care about him and my feelings about him. One year later, “baby” came out. All my friends started to hate him with no reason. It was hurting me, but I was trying to be as strong as I could ever be. I started to quarreling with them. They were laughing at me for my dedication to him. We were 14/15 years old. All my friends were partying, when I was at home, sitting on computer and sending loving words to him. I couldn’t stand that bully, that “I’m childish” and all this stuff, so I started to party with them. I didn’t came back home for nights, I was really often drunk, I started to smoke, just like them. In December 2010, me and my two friends were at some local concert. Before we got there, we were drinking some alcohol. I drank way too much and in one moment I fell into the snow. They left me there. I was freezing, because was really cold outside. Police found me and took me to the hospital. I spent there more than a week.The Doctor said, that if the police wouldn’t have found me or found me like half an hour later, I could be dead. When I was laying in hospital, I thought about Justin. If he could know me, he would not be proud of me or what I was doing. I changed my lifestyle for him. I stopped to talk with my “friends”. A few months later I changed school. My new school friends like me for who I am, not for what I’m doing. They accept my love for Justin. 

I’m still disappointed that I wasn’t strong enough to say “NO” when my “old friends” asked me to drink or smoke. 

I hope that someday I’ll be able to meet Justin. I’ve never seen him before and I’m not going to believe tour. I’m really sorry for that, but he taught me to #BELIEVE in my dreams. 

Thank you Justin, for changing my life. I love you.


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crazybelieber69 said,
"I send to your email my story :)"

thank you. your story is now published.:)

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Name:Ana Maria

Age: 11

Country: Montenegro

Twitter: @AnaM_Kidruauhl

My story:

Dear Justin,I don’t know,a just know i love you.Love you so much,love you like a Idol,inspiration,you help me everyday to be better girl.To be better child,to me better friend.You help me in ‘My moments’,when i am so sad,and i am crying so hard.And i know you love me to.Maybe not as much as i love you,but,i know you love me.We are family.A big family full of love,an respect.Respect to be diffrent.I am a little bit sick from being judged becouse you are my idol.My best friend is not belieber,but,she is not hater.A lot of my other friends are.Maybe i never meet you Justin,but it does not matter, because you’ve met a lot of good people who make my life complete.I’d love to come to Serbia or Croatia.Beliebers in those countries and have been waiting for years.I am a Belieber about six to seven months, but I was a fan from the beginning.From the 2009.And  i just want you know i never leave you,i will always be right here for you.’Belieber now and forever’,yeah,that i am.Sorry for my bad english,i still learnig it in school :)

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name: Hanna

age: 14

country: germany

twitter: https://twitter.com/xbieberlegend

it all started in 2009, when one time came out. my best friend was fallen in love with this song, so she showed me and guess what? i liked it and justin .. so we listend it every single day, but we didn’t get a fan of him. then she didn’t liked him anymore, but i was fallen in love with him and buy “my world”. i listend to all of his songs and then it happends. i called me a belieber.. i started to searched everything about him, buy me bieber stuff and wrote with my new family - the beliebers. now it’s 2012 and i’m still a belieber, but something changed. for me was this summer really hard. my granddad caught cancel and i had to changed my school, because my grades were just getting worse.. yeah, my new class is nice, but i feel bad when i’m there. i miss my old class.. then my “friends” were just so mean to me.. one of them trys to flirt with my boyfriend and they’re always telling lys about me. it’s just so unfair and hard. but in this time i listend to “believe”.
justin’s music always help me to get better.. and my bieber-family. they’re always there for me when no one else.. and i promise! i will always stay with justin.. he changed my life and he means everything to me.. my biggest wish is to meet him personality and to tell him everything. i think he isn’t just another celibrity. he is special. he really cares and love his fans like no one else - we’re really a big part in his life and that’s just so great. it’s not a fanbase and a star. we’re a big family. and i’m so thankful that justin made me in the person i am to day. i love him and that’s forever, ‘cause once a belieber , always a belieber <3
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NAME: Luisa
 AGE: 13
 COUNTRY: Gemany
 TWITTER: @LuluBieber5
 Dear Justin,
 I don’t know, if you’ll ever read this but I hope you’ll do. Well, let’s start. I think I was 10 Years old, when you came into my life. And you changed everything. I remember, that my best friend asked me on the playground, if I like this boy called Justin Bieber. I said, that you’re ok, and she liked you too. So, we started getting little fans. We loved you more and more, and in the school lessons we talked so much about you! It was a great time. But when I was 12 Years old I was getting more and more a directioner. OMB, why? But then came the day, when my best friend told me that you’re coming to munich. Then I forgot 1D and got a ‘normal’ belieber again, because you know, once a belieber always a belieber. Justin, you saved me, because I started to hurt myself. I thougt a lot, about you, god and the world, then came the moment I knew I really want to live. It would be so sad, if a belieber would kill herself. It weren’t big problems, but i was so depressed. Now, I have tickets for your concert here in munich and I’m SOOOO Happy. Sorry, if there are some mistakes. <3
 Much Love,

 Luisa <3

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NAME: Diamond
 AGE: 13
 COUNTRY: Canada and Syria
 TWITTER: @jbmeme69

 Dear Justin Bieber,
 Im an arabic belieber, and a very proud one to be honest. Justin isn’t just my idol he means a lot to me. It all started in the end of 2009 when I heard “Baby” on the radio, i had a great feeling this boy is going to be successful, i believed in him. In 2010 everyone started talking about him, my school started getting into three groups (haters, belibers, and people who don’t care). i did some research about him and started liking his music. beliebers in class used to get my world and our teacher used to play during art class… I always had a great feeling inside me when listening to it, a feeling that cant be discribed. Anyways, Never say never came out.. i bought it and watched it at home.. i cried, laughed, and gave a promise to my self that from that day on I will forever be a belieber…
 I regret nothing of that choice coz now when i have no one to make me feel good, just listening to justin’s songs makes me. I feel like he speaks to me, understands me, believes in me, and supports me through everything. My family doesn’t like him so its really hard to me to get bieber stuff.. i do have to lie to them and hide stuff away from them.. but its worth it! I have another family who cares called beliebers and an idol who makes me proud. Thank You Justin for being there when no one else was, thank you for giving me a great family who loves and cares, thank you for believing in me.. and one day i will meet you, no matter what it takes me, i will never say never, i will fight till forever, i promise. Im sorry Justin i couldnt be there from the very beginning but i promise i will be there till the very end… Belieber Forever


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Dear Justin,
 You have helped em through so much. Just watching interviews saying how much you love us belieber’s and you wish you could give us all hugs….That brings me to tears. I am honestly crying now. Hoping that one day you will read this.
 My cousin is a teen mom and her son’s dad doesn’t want anything to do with him. Down to Earth was the best song when all of this was happening. Luckily, she has found someone who takes him as his own son.
 I am so glad I get to see you live October 27, 2012. I already know it will be the best day ever! I only wish I could meet you someday to tell you how much you mean to mean.
 This is kinda wierd but I talk to my cut-out of you because I feel that is the only way I can talk to you.
 I was here from the youtube days and will NEVER leave. I promise. I could go on and on but I want to save it for if I ever meet you.

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Name: Anne
Age: 14
Country: Poland
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SailinStyle

 I discovered Justin when I was 10. I was looking for some songs and I saw Justin’s cover by Ne-yo. I really liked it but after a week I didn’t remember who Justin was. But when One Time appeared on youtube i was like: “OMG! I know this boy. I saw his cover a few years ago!” then I started listening to his music. I liked him but I started being a belieber when my best friend left me. She found new and older friends and she just stopped talking with me. I was broken but I still care about her. After all of that she moved on to another country. She changed her phone number, email and everything. I felt like I lost her forever. I didn’t want do anything. I had competition and I was thinking like I don’t want to take part in this. I was really good in dancing so when I said to my parents that I’m not going there they started yell at me but then my brother showed me justin’s new song never say never. It gave me strength. i was thinking about this song all day and I couldn’t fell asleep. I went on my computer and I read everything about justin. I started being a belieber. When I was listening to Justin’s songs I felt like he was saying to me: “Everything will be alright. Just believe in this” My parents don’t understand why I love him so much but my brother does. A couple months ago I was so broken that I didn’t want to live on this planet anymore. I wanted to hurt myself. but then my brother said to me “think about justin and don’t do that to yourself” No one in my life know this about me. Justin is not only my idol, he’s my hero, my inspiration and the only way to be happy. I know that even if everything is wrong I always have him and beliebers. I will always be a beliebers because everything is worth it.

 Thank you so much for saving my life, Justin. I hope to meet you one day. I love you so much.